Italian Genealogy Links

This page serves to provide links to other webpages containing information useful to discovering your own ancestry and history. Because there are so many useful websites, I have separate pages for Italian Records. I have sorted the links by category below.

The Basics

Below is a list of links for what I consider the basics of Italian genealogy. They include "how to" informational sites, Italian based social groups such as The Sons Of Italy and other miscellaneous sites.

Immigration: To North America


Italian Records

Many people such as myself have created websites to share their transcriptions for Italian records of their ancestral home towns. I am currently working on a separate webpage for those sites. Below are links to the Family Search Italian Records and official Italian based websites that contain Italian records.

Italian Names

If you are not familiar with Italian first names they often are difficult to read on documents. Some of the links below can assist you to properly transcribe some of those first names. Also linked below are sites with surname information.

Italian History

Nobility and Heraldry

Italian Genealogy Help

This section contains links to sites or Facebook pages or groups that exist to help people pursue their Italian genealogy. Facebook has so many pages and groups I cannot possibly list them all here. For more local groups and pages do a search within Facebook for your ancestral home town, province and region.