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Italian Genealogy

For most people among the biggest roadblocks in discovering your family history can be the language barrier and locating the birthplace of your ancestors. I can help you overcome these barriers. Prior to researching Italian records, all possible American records should be researched first. There are many reasons for this, however, the primary reason is American records can hold clues into the lives of our ancestors in Italy. Records available for Italian towns can vary by location, however, most towns have records birth, marriage and death available on microfilm or online. The years available for records also vary by town. Since your initial consult is free, we can discuss your options in the initial consult. For the towns whose records are not available online, there are other options available that I can assist you with.

We begin your Italian research by finding the birth act of your immigrant ancestor. The birth act will contain the full name of the baby, his father's name, his mother's name and the location of the birth. The location may be a frazione, rione or villaggio name or a street name. Most towns also recorded the ages and professions of the parents. How we proceed from there depends on what you are seeking and what records are available from your ancestral home town. If you would like a complete ancestry of your ancestor we can accomplish this utilizing the records as far back as they are available.

What To Expect

Italian genealogy projects are very different than American genealogy projects. Finding the stories of your Italian ancestors can be more difficult due to the differences in the available records, historical and cultural differences as well as other factors. However, we can get a good idea of your ancestors journey by looking at the local history during their lifetimes. The state civil records of Italy also provide information helpful to learn about the lives of your ancestors. Each project I complete includes (a) comprehensive report(s). The reports include all resources searched (including negative results), findings during the scope of the report, family documents found which are sourced and translated into the body of the report, and recommendations for further research. Reports either include or are accompanied by pictures and documents pertaining to your family. Full ancestries or multiple generation projects also include a family tree. You may contact me for a copy of a sample report.

Dual Italian Citizenship (Jus sanguinis)

Many clients require assistance in obtaining Italian citizenship. Dual citizenship entitles you to all the rights of any Italian citizen without having to renounce citizenship in the country of your birth. The benefits of dual citizenship are all rights of an Italian citizen including an Italian passport, voting rights and the ability to work and live in Italy without the hassle of immigrant visas. As an Italian citizen you are also a citizen of the European union which will also make travel and even jobs to many European countries easier. You must qualify for dual citizenship and not everyone with Italian ancestry will qualify. Therefore, your first step is to determine if you are, in fact, eligible for dual citizenship. The Italian Consulate has a great webpage that explains in detail citizenship. You may visit their page (in English) here. If you are unsure if you qualify, you may contact me.

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